This is an important topic as our collective understanding continues to evolve…

Since the term “Adrenal Fatigue” was coined in the late 1990s it has become somewhat controversial.

Allopathic medicine tends to think it doesn’t exist. Functional Medicine is starting to understand low cortisol situations much more completely, and is largely moving away from using the term itself. Research has clarified that most situations that result in low levels of free cortisol are NOT caused by a tired adrenal gland. In actuality, the problem has to do with proper brain signaling necessary to regulate the stress response. In this sense, Adrenal Fatigue is likely to actually be “in your head.”

Precision Analytical’s Medical Director (Carrie Jones, ND MPH) did an interview about this issue with Mike Mutzel. If you’d like to listen in, view this video.

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By Mark Newman, Owner and President of Precision Analytical

Mark Newman2Mark is a recognised expert and international speaker in the field of hormone testing. He has assisted many laboratories in developing novel tests to create world-class laboratory testing. He has also educated thousands of providers about hormone monitoring best practices.

Precision Analytical (dutch testing) was established by Mark to address the need for better clinical accuracy, subsequently developing one of the most advanced and comprehensive models for testing a patients steroid and adrenal hormones.

Dr Joseph Mercola, Dr Sara Gottfried, and Chris Kresser are just a few of the international experts that have found the dutch model to be the most advanced test for hormone testing.