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Toxic Metal Testing: Does Hair Really Stand Up?

In today’s world, it is difficult to stay abreast of all (often conflicting) modern scientific developments, whilst at the same time retaining what has been tried and tested as valid and useful to apply within day to day healthcare practice. Hair Analysis, as a clinical assessment tool, has been fraught with contention since its establishment […]

Anxiety & Depression

EXAMPLE CASE STUDY: A 35 year old woman presented with ongoing depression for the last 5 years. She continuously experienced strong feelings of apathy and sadness, with a persistent belief that nothing good occurred in her life. She indicated that these feelings and her lack of energy inhibited her ability to improve her diet or […]

Wired but Tired

EXAMPLE CASE STUDY: A 35 year old woman presented with extreme tiredness and fatigue, alongside anxiety. She had noticed that she often felt “wired but tired” which was resulting in sleep onset issues as well.   Treatment The patient was prescribed 100mg of 5-HTP at rising and retiring.   Outcome The patient was reviewed after […]

Constant Back Pain

EXAMPLE CASE STUDY: A 48 year old man presented with persistent lower back pain. He had recently modified his sitting arrangements in his car and at work, however was still having to take OTC NSAIDS 3-5x per week. He considered the pain a major obstacle in his daily tasks and sleep.   Treatment The patient […]

Extreme Fatigue

EXAMPLE CASE STUDY: A 37-year-old female presented with digestive complaints, carb cravings, ‘overwhelming fatigue’, trouble concentrating at work, and unable to play with her daughter after work due to feeling tired all the time. She couldn’t remember feeling ‘normal’ since before she had her daughter 6 years ago. She did not have difficulty falling asleep […]

Focus on Citrulline

CLINICAL FOCUS ON USE OF CITRULLINE: L-Citrulline is the natural precursor of L-Arginine and the substrate for nitric oxide synthase (NOS) in the production of NO. This has been shown to be effective in improving NO production and cardiovascular function in cardiovascular diseases which are associated with endothelial dysfunction, such as hypertension, heart failure, atherosclerosis, […]