2-3 March 2019



ACNEM Face-to-Face Training

The next ACNEM face-to-face training event will be held at the Wrest Point Hotel and Conference Centre in Hobart, on 2-3 March. We will present the Primary Modules alongside an updated Gastrointestinal Health module.

Primary Modules in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine – an introduction to the principles and practice of nutritional and environmental medicine featuring updated presentations by Rachel Arthur.

Gastrointestinal Health this module will address a number of the most common functional and inflammatory gastrointestinal complaints that present to clinic, and will feature presentations by Dr Jason Hawrelak. Conditions to be covered include gastritis and reflux, constipation, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, from pathogenesis to treatment.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to interact with ACNEM’s expert presenters, discuss and compare notes on clinical experiences, and network with like-minded people.

23-24 March 2019



Mindd International Forum 2019

PRACTITIONER TRAINING: Cellular Pathways for Chronic Disease Recovery

The Mindd International Forum Practitioner Training provides clinic-focused, evidence-based training in Nutritional & Environmental Medicine and Integrative Healthcare.

Be among the best-prepared clinicians in the field, with knowledge on how to treat complex chronic illness and a broad variety of Pediatric conditions. Learn to identify and treat underlying infections nutritional deficiencies and toxicity.

29-31 March 2019



NHAA 11th International Herbal & Naturopathic Conference

The NHAA is a peak professional association representing appropriately qualified naturopathic and Western herbal medicine practitioners.

The International Conference attracts some of the world’s pre-eminent and most experienced international and national experts on naturopathic and Western herbal medicine. We guarantee cutting edge research, unbiased content and practical clinical application, plus valuable networking opportunities.

We look forward to welcoming international and national delegates including Western herbal medicine, naturopathic, integrative medicine and allied health practitioners, students, nurses, researchers and academics to the 11th Herbal and Naturopathic International Conference in March 2019.

6-10 April 2019



Bio-Balance Medical Doctor Training Program

Presented by Dr William Walsh, Ph.D, Dr Cindy Schneider, MD, Dr Albert Mensah, M.D, & Dr Judith Bowman, M.D.

A Training Program for Medical Doctors, covers Advanced Nutrient Therapy Protocols for Mental and Behavioural Disorders pioneered by the late Dr. Carl Pfeiffer and further developed through extensive research and clinical experience by Dr. William J. Walsh. Advanced evaluation and treatment techniques for Autism Spectrum Disorders will be also be covered in detail.

24-26 May 2019



ACNEM 2019 Annual Conference


Exploring new evidence-based concepts in the diagnosis and treatment of metabolic and hormonal disorders, auto-immune, gut health and adiposity driven diseases.

ACNEM will present a range of international and local speakers to address:

  • Chrono Nutrition – the interplay between the biological clock, hormonal function and timing of food
  • Which Diet? – weighing up food options for individualised management
  • New evidence based concepts, diagnostic approaches and therapeutic advances in metabolism
  • Emerging science, nutritional mechanisms and applications for auto-immunity and gut-immune disorders