24-27 October 2019

Sydney, NSW


ACNEM Training

Courses in Women’s Endocrinology, Children’s Health, and Nutritional & Environmental Medicine

Women’s Endocrinology: Gain insight into functional endocrinology including thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones. Expert clinicians will present clinical insights and therapeutic recommendations on PCOS, thyroid disorders and menopause.

Children & Adolescent Health: Learn about specific nutritional requirements for children from pre-conception and infancy, through to puberty and adolescence.

Foundations of NEM: The ACNEM ‘Foundations of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (NEM)’ course is the entry-point for GPs and other healthcare professionals wanting to learn about Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

9-15 November 2019


Melbourne, VIC

Perth, WA

Sydney, NSW


Advances in Microbiome Testing

Don’t miss this eye-opening workshop with Dr David Quig, PhD, Vice President, Scientific Support for Doctor’s Data, Inc.

In this exciting half-day workshop, Dr David Quig dives deep into Microbiome testing, answering questions you may have and clearing up some confusion on the different offerings on the market. He will provide an in-depth look at the different facets of heavy metals and the gut microbiome, and introduce the NEW GI360 test.


  • Exploration of the gut microbiome
  • PCR vs Culture – is one really better than the other?
  • Is all PCR created equal?
  • What about next gen sequencing?
  • Is GIT chemistry important?
  • Best methodology for detecting parasites
  • Scientific Notations – how do DDi simplify them?
  • How to apply results of the new GI360 test to get the best outcomes for your patients
  • Why DDi is still the best for Heavy Metal Testing?
  • Q & A with Dr Quig


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