23-24 May 2019



Clinical Insights with Dr William Shaw and Dr Sanjeev Sharma

All attendees receive a FREE Organic Acids Test! (Usually $335)

Don’t miss this eye-opening workshop with Dr. William Shaw, PhD, founder of The Great Plains Laboratory.

In this exciting one-and-a-half-day workshop, Dr. William Shaw will discuss when to choose Organic Acid Testing (OAT) and/or environmental pollutant testing (GPL-TOX) and personally guide you through how to interpret the results and achieve the best outcomes for your patients, using these two globally best-selling tests.

Supported by Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, who will be sharing his own clinical experiences and case studies using these tests.

If you are looking for new ways to help patients with difficult to diagnose and chronic health issues, this workshop is for you.

24-26 May 2019



ACNEM 2019 Annual Conference


Remaining true to our aims of nutrition education, ACNEM brings you independent, highly credible and up to date information on the most relevant topics of healthcare today.

ACNEM will present a range of international and local speakers to address:

  • Chrono Nutrition – the interplay between the biological clock, hormonal function, time-restricted eating and intermittent fasting
  • Gut-Immune Disruption – research update on the mycobiome and auto-immunity
  • Metabolic Insights – multi dimensional aspects of metabolism and implications for patient management
  • Personalised Nutrition – finding the solution for individualised management

Gain valuable tools and insights to empower yourselves and your patients, and support them to make lifestyle and diet changes for better health outcomes.