20 August 2019

Webinar Recording


Introducing KBMO: Food Inflammation Testing

WEBINAR SPECIAL: Watch on the evening of August 20 and receive a 20% discount on your next Food Inflammation Test (FIT)!

Testing Combined IgG & Complement (C3d) for Accurate and Reliable Food Inflammatory Testing

In this 60 minute pre-recorded webinar, Medical Director of KBMO Dr Joel Evans dives into food inflammation testing (FIT) methodology and how KBMO achieves accurate and reliable FIT reports.

KBMO testing will be available to order from RN Labs from the 19th August.

KBMO is one of the few breakthrough labs to measure Complement, acquiring a more complete look at the patient’s reaction level compared to IgG testing alone. It can increase the inflammatory potential of a food by 1000 to 10,000 fold – making it highly relevant in food inflammation testing.


  1. Inflammation as a root cause of chronic conditions and frustrating symptoms
  2. The limitations of many current food sensitivity tests
  3. The importance of C3d testing and how the KBMO test looks for that molecule
  4. How the KBMO test avoids generating false positives

15 September 2019



ATMS Functional GI Symposium

This year ATMS is pleased to host an ATMS Special Event, the Functional GI Symposium 2019 in Sydney on Sunday 15 September.

The ATMS 2019 Functional GI Symposium is a special event designed to provide a powerful educational focus with specialised, integrative, naturopathic trainings on the diagnosis and treatment of varied GI presentations.

Key areas being covered include:

  • Parasitic infections
  • Neurotrophic factors
  • Functional GI physical exam techniques
  • The latest in Microbiome research
  • IBD and Faecal Microbiota Transplantation
  • Microcirculation, pH, temperature and blood profile
  • Nutrition and lifestyle factors

24-27 October 2019

Sydney, NSW


ACNEM Training

Courses in Women’s Endocrinology, Children’s Health, and Nutritional & Environmental Medicine

Women’s Endocrinology: Gain insight into functional endocrinology including thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones. Expert clinicians will present clinical insights and therapeutic recommendations on PCOS, thyroid disorders and menopause.

Children & Adolescent Health: Learn about specific nutritional requirements for children from pre-conception and infancy, through to puberty and adolescence.

Foundations of NEM: The ACNEM ‘Foundations of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (NEM)’ course is the entry-point for GPs and other healthcare professionals wanting to learn about Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.