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Key Advantages

  • Combined measurement of IgG & Complement to over 90 foods from a single blood serum sample
  • Assists confirmation of inflammatory response to IgG positive foods
  • The only test on the market that measures both IgG and immune complexes containing the complement fragment ‘C3d’ to multiple food antigens.
  • Includes a Candida Albicans Marker

IgG (Immunoglobulin G, total)

IgG are antibodies that provide long-term resistance to infections and have a much longer half-life than the traditional IgE allergy. The IgG antibody response creates sensitivity to a particular food. Symptoms may be less severe than with IgE allergic reaction and can manifest anywhere from 3-72 hours after exposure. The delayed response makes sensitivities difficult to identify without a test.

C3d (Complement component 3)

The Dietary Antigen Test (IgG with Complement) measures Complement activation for multiple foods. Complement activation is well-defined in the research as not only a cause of inflammation but one of the strongest causes.

C3d is an activator of the Complement cascade system. Reaction to the specified food will worsen if C3d activation is present along with an IgG antibody response.

When C3d is activated in response to an antigen, the C3 portion attaches to the antigen. This activation, even though it is independent, will amplify the reaction that occurs with total IgG greatly increasing inflammation and symptoms of sensitivity.


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IgG + C3d + IgE + IgG4

The ‘Complete’ Dietary Antigen Test

You can combine the IgG with Complement and the IgE with IgG4 DAT tests for the most comprehensive look at Dietary Antigens activity.

Combined testing of IgE, IgG4, IgG, & Complement allows one of the most thorough assessments of immune activity to specific foods assisting in forming the most appropriate dietary program for complex, multi-faceted and resistant immune/inflammation mediated pathology cases.

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