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This section is for patients who have requested more information on
The Great Plains Laboratory testing in Australia

RN Labs is unable to process samples (and therefore test kit orders) without registration due to Australia regulatory policies.

What this means is that patients cannot order test kits directly. You need to be under the care of a qualified health practitioner, who will authorise the test for you.

Please note, it remains the practitioner’s duty of care to oversee and advise their clients on how to conduct (and interpret) their functional tests. Patients who contact RN Labs with questions on their healthcare will be referred back to their practitioner. Test results are released to practitioners ONLY. Patients are unable to contact RN Labs to obtain their results. Please ensure you contact your practitioner for any such enquires while you conduct your test and to follow up with the results.

Find A Practitioner Using The Great Plains Laboratory Testing

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What If My Practitioner Is Not On The Map Above?

You may already be seeing a healthcare practitioner. If they are not on the corresponding map, perhaps they have not ordered any of The Great Plains Laboratory tests before. If this is the case, we would advise having a chat to them and letting them know that you are interested in the test and finding out what they recommend.

If you are not currently seeing a practitioner and there are no convenient providers in your area on the map, please contact our head office on 1800 110 158. Our customer service team can give you details of practitioners that use Skype/remote consultations or be able to see if there could be a practitioner closer to you.

Recommended Retail Prices For the Tests*:

*Note – this excludes a $20 postage and handling fee.

Turn-around Time

Test results take approximately three weeks from the date your sample was received by RN Labs.
RN Labs then forwards the results to your practitioner. We cannot send results directly to the patient. Only your practitioner can explain your results to you.

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