The Latest Enhancement to the DUTCH Plus Test

The DUTCH Plus test (DUTCH Complete plus Cortisol Awakening Response) now includes the option of a sixth saliva swab tube to measure Insomnia cortisol. This new ‘add-on’ to the DUTCH Plus test can be added for an additional $30, when ordering the test kit through RN Labs.

Why Measure Insomnia Cortisol?

When patients suffer from insomnia, the 5 salivary cortisol measurements on the DUTCH Plus may not be enough to assess cortisol’s potential role in the sleep disturbances.  Salivary measurements typically begin when the patient wakes and rises in the morning.  It would be very helpful to also provide cortisol levels in the middle of the night when the patient is struggling to sleep.  Determining cortisol’s potential role will help a practitioner treat a patient’s insomnia with precision.

What insight does DUTCH Plus offer an insomnia case:

Free cortisol values throughout the day, including at bedtime
A high bedtime sample may hinder sleep.

Overnight melatonin production
Low melatonin production may contribute to insomnia.

Progesterone levels
Particularly in perimenopausal, low progesterone may be associated with poor sleep.

As the primary metabolite of norepinephrine and epinephrine, high levels may be found in patients in sympathetic overdrive, which may lead to insomnia if persistent at night.

The new Insomnia Cortisol measurement
This new measurement offers valuable additional information about cortisol’s potential causal role in sleep disturbances.

Additionally, from January 2019, Precision Analytical will begin reporting Kynurenate, another B6 marker.  They will phase out reporting 5HIAA during the month of January and beginning February, and will no longer report 5HIAA (Serotonin).

You can find updated sample reports here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on these changes.