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Meriva® and challenges to the eye’s middle layer

A trial on 106 subjects whose eye middle layer was challenged and relapsing since at least 2 years was carried out.(1)

A 1.2 g/day dosage of Meriva® was administered (two separate admin. per day) for at least twelve months, complementing the treatment already in course. 86% of subjects in the Meriva® group enjoyed a subjective improvement of the overall well being after only 4/6 weeks, with a remarkable reduction in challenges. Also the number of subjects with challenges decreased by over 80%.

In a recent pilot study, the daily use of 1 g/day of Meriva®, associated with the standard treatment, has shown to ameliorate the visual acuity, supporting healthy vision.(2)

These results qualify Meriva® as a safe ingredient with a strong potential even in poorly vascolarized tissues like the ocular bulb.



(1) Allegri P., Mastromarino A., Clinical Ophtalmology, 2010, 4. p. 1201-1206.

(2) Steigerwalt R., Nebbioso M., Appendino G., Belcaro G., Ciammaichella G., Cornelli U., Luzzi R., Togni S., Dugall M., Cesarone M. R., Ippolito E., Errichi B. M., Ledda A., Hosoi M., Corsi M., Panminerva Med. 2012 54 (Suppl. 1 to No. 4): 11-6

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