RE: ABC’s Four Corners episode “Swallowing It”

Many practitioners would have seen recent publications seeking to address what is believed to be a rampant lack of evidence-base to natural and complementary medicines in Australia. It may be a good time to highlight the difference between retail products that are sold direct to the public with little professional guidance as to their quality, efficacy and ultimately suitability for specific individuals, and Practitioner-Only products that are prescribed within the context of a personal professional consultation, and chosen based on quality, purity, potency and proven needs.

It should also be further noted that not all practitioner only products are created equal.

RN Labs’s ongoing goal is to improve the quality and standard of practitioner only supplements available to the Australian market. We achieve this by utilising a high level of ingredient quality and the purity standards required to avoid counterproductive reactions in sensitive patients. The appropriateness of our formulations are designed for use in relation to addressing the specific needs of individuals, especially those elucidated through the use of personalised functional pathology testing, to provide both practitioners and patients with products and services they can trust and rely on.

The well-meaning intentions of the general public taking self selected off-the-shelf products that contain potentially insignificant amounts of nutrients in highly synthetic or unideal forms, along with numerous potentially conflicting additives, simply cannot be compared to the individual expertise of association qualified healthcare practitioners giving specific advice to individual patients, in clinically significant amounts, of appropriate forms, with minimal use of additives, based on specifically indicated needs, and monitored for efficacy and safety over time.

This is what RN seeks to support and protect, so that all Australians can access the natural tools they need to achieve their very highest health potential.

Remember we are just a phone call or email away, so please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can support you in your best practice,and we will be happy to assist you with your choices for achieving optimum patient care.

In health,

The RN Team