New Name, Same Company.

We are excited to tell you about our new name – RN Labs! We believe RN Labs better defines who we are and what we do.

Why Have We Changed? 

The ResearchNutrition practitioner company was established over 6 years ago, with the aim to provide healthcare practitioners premium brands that are based on nutritional research – hence our name, Research_Nutrition.

However, over the years we have also become a trustworthy market leader for globally sourcing cutting-edge functional testing services.

To better encompass our holistic approach to healthcare, we have decided to transition from ResearchNutrition to ResearchNutrition Labs, or, RN Labs.

RN Labs – What Drives Us

What drives us is empowering practitioners and their patients to maintain and improve wellness through preventative care, supporting the unique expression of health and vitality in each individual.

What drives us is trust. We understand there is nothing more important than one’s health and we are driven to uphold the trust that practitioners and their patients place in us.

What drives us is the knowledge we are playing a role in shaping the future of Australian healthcare.

Will the The ResearchNutrition Product Label Change?

Yes! The name change includes our product label. We expect the first new labels to start being distributed in November. There will be a transition period where both ResearchNutrition and RN Labs labelled products will be supplied as our existing label is turned over.

What About The RN Website and Resources?

Our website has now become, and our previous website is now being redirected here. All your patient test results, patient test orders, and webinars you have registered for on our Education Portal remain safely accessible here. From this point on, any emails you receive from us will come from RN Labs.

Our  resources, videos etc. will be updated to our new branding over the coming months. There will be a transition period where we may provide both RN Labs and ResearchNutrition branded materials.

Should you have any questions on the change, please let us know.

In health,
The RN Team