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The Food Inflammation Test (FIT) by KBMO measures both IgG(1-4) and Complement (C3d) – combining them into one easy-to-understand bar reading. Food Sensitivities and related diseases affect at least 100 million people worldwide and cause a variety of illnesses ranging from skin rashes and headaches to chronic intestinal diseases. Food sensitivities may develop for several reasons including imbalanced or inadequate diets, enzyme deficiencies, stress, genetic predisposition, infections and inflammation, chemicals, drugs, environmental pollutants and toxins. Research has shown that these factors may weaken both digestion as well as the protective defences in our intestinal tract allowing allergens to more easily confront our overwhelmed immune system.


The Relevance of IgG + C3d

An IgG antibody reaction to a food is a delayed reaction (anywhere from several hours to days). Research has indicated that IgG antibodies to certain foods produced in the blood, may promote certain inflammatory reactions within the body. Testing for Complement (C3d) is a direct measurement of inflammation in the body and is therefore a very important inclusion for any food inflammation test.
Activation of Complement alongside high production of IgG antibodies makes it very clear as to what foods will need to be eliminated from your patient’s diet. Commonly, we see patient results that show high IgG antibodies to many foods. Understanding which of these foods are actually causing your patient inflammation is crucial in avoiding an excessive elimination program, resulting in a more positive patient experience.


FIT176 & Gut-Barrier Panel 

FIT132 & Gut-Barrier Panel 



The Gut Barrier Panel, analyses the presence and reactivity to Zonulin, Occludin, Candida and Lipopolysaccharides (LPS). These Gut-specific biomarkers assist in assessing the overall health of the intestinal lining.  

1. Zonulin Marker

Zonulin is a protein that is synthesised in intestinal cells and liver cells. It is a key functional biomarker for intestinal permeability. When Zonulin levels are elevated, this can be an indication of compromised tight junctions. 

Common Causes

Elevated levels of Zonulin have been associated with the following:


About KBMO

The KBMO Food Inflammation Test (FIT) was invented by Dr. Brent Dorval. Dr. Dorval is a very accomplished scientist, having received his PhD from MIT and is credited with inventing the first Rapid HIV diagnostic laboratory test. Under Dr. Dorval’s leadership, their approach to quality, accuracy and reproducibility has been based on their roots in the HIV testing arena, where there is no room for error. 

As a CLIA certified lab, KBMO track reproducibility in two ways, through reagent qualification and proficiency testing. In reagent qualification, each new lot of reagent gets qualified by running 6 samples on the current lot and again on the new lot. This is performed on six samples on at least a monthly basis. Two of those samples are from a frozen serum pool which allows them to track reproducibility for up to 12 months on the same sample. 

This way they can monitor for any subtle shifts or trends in the antigens over time. Proficiency testing is also used to monitor reproducibility. Every 6 months each laboratory technologist must match every other tech in the lab on two samples reproduced independently. This not only ensures that the reagents used produce consistent results but that each laboratory technologist produce the same results. 

The Importance of Lab Transparency

How to Ensure your Functional Tests are Evidence-Based

It is important to be informed as to where tests are being conducted as well as the technology used, so that you can be confident that your patients are performing evidence-based tests. RN Labs has always insisted in choosing laboratories that are of the highest standard globally with evidence-based functional tests, thereby improving patient outcomes and supporting the industry as a whole. RN Labs believes in maintaining full transparency of who and where your test is being carried out, so that you can make fully informed decisions with your patients.

S QLD / N NSW Area Manager

Jessica Morland

Jess is a qualified Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine. She believes that there is no one size fits all approach and is passionate about educating, inspiring and supporting clients and practitioners with a customised approach to healthcare. Specialties include preconception, pregnancy, post-natal and infant care. 

Jess is excited to build relationships, educate and share her knowledge with both retail and practitioners in South Queensland and Northern NSW.

Lauren Matich, BHSc (Nat.)

Lauren Matich

BHSc (Nat.)

Lauren is an NHAA accredited Clinical Naturopath with a Bachelor of Health Science. She is incredibly passionate about natural health and educating clients on the foundational importance of nutrition, lifestyle and stress management and believes complimenting these building blocks with nutraceutical support and functional testing often holds the key to optimal health and vitality. Lauren looks forward to supporting practitioners and clients in these key areas.

Specialties include supporting thyroid health, digestive disorders and mental health.