The Future of Food Sensitivity Testing, IBS, Rethinking Gluten Free Diets, and the Genetics of Coffee Metabolism with Dr. Joel Evans, M.D.

Podcast by Gene Food

Dr. Evans serves as medical director for KBMO Diagnostics, a company that is producing the 2.0 version of IgG food sensitivity tests. KBMO has introduced new technology aimed at not only finding foods that register an IgG response, but that also cause inflammation which can damage gut health. In this episode, we learn about the new scientific developments aimed at increasing the reliability of IgG tests, we discuss a promising study Dr. Evans did on patients with IBS, when gluten free diets aren’t necessary, the health benefits of coffee, how food sensitivity can affect the development of our children and much more.

Topics Covered:

  • Traditional food sensitivity tests and false positives
  • Zonulin and when intestinal permeability is a good thing
  • IBS discussion
  • Who needs to be on a gluten free diet?
  • Autism, failure to thrive, and food sensitivity in children
  • Genetics of coffee plus acid alkaline balance
  • Epigenetics and food sensitivity

With Dr Joel Evans, MD

In addition to his role of Medical Director at KBMO Diagnostics, Dr Evans is the Director of The Center for Functional Medicine in Stamford, CT. He also serves as the Director of Curriculum development of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

He is a member of the senior faculty of The Institute for Functional Medicine and continues to serve as the “external lead” of the IFM Advanced Practice Module in Hormone Health since its inception. He has a special interest in Breast Cancer and serves as the Medical Director of the Keep-A-Breast Foundation.
Dr. Evans is a peer reviewer for Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and Global Advances in Health and Medicine and a member of the editorial advisory board of Holistic Primary Care. He recently authored a chapter on Nutrition and Sociogenomics.