The Importance of Lab Testing

How to Ensure your Functional Tests are Evidence-Based

Why Care About Transparency?

It is important to be informed as to where tests are being conducted as well as the technology used, so that you can be confident that your patients are performing evidence-based tests.

This is of significant relevance with the increased scrutiny on practitioners to demonstrate that their clinical practice is based on the most evidence-based and rigorously executed technologies.

Questions to Ask Your Lab

  • Where is the sample analysis being conducted?
  • What is the technology used?
  • What studies or papers can you provide that supports the clinical utility of this test?

Lab Standards: What to Look For

Australia: The primary recognised body for lab analysis is the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). NATA offers guidelines to all types of testing laboratories (including industrial) to assist them with maintaining consistent and accurate measurements.
(Note: Other bodies such as the TGA and ISO standards are relevant only to the production of test kits and are not relevant to the actual lab analysis).

USA: The USA has a more established, compulsory and thorough regulatory framework for overseeing the analyses carried out by clinical laboratories, to ensure that they are suitable and valid for clinical use. American labs with both CLIA and CAP certifications are trained and audited to ensure that not only the technology and processes are being executed correctly, but the qualifications and expertise of their staff, and therefore interpretation of results stemming from these tests, is sound.

Australian practitioners sourcing quality clinical testing services carried out in America can be assured of some of the highest standards of validation currently available.

Things to Check Before Choosing Your Lab

  • The Lab Is Adequately Accredited
  • I am confident that the technology and the technicians are at a standard that my patients deserve
  • I would be able to provide sufficient evidence to justify the use of this test if I were to be audited

What Makes RN Labs Different?

RN Labs has always insisted in choosing laboratories that are of the highest standard globally with evidence-based functional tests, thereby improving patient outcomes and supporting the industry as a whole.

RN Labs believes in maintaining full transparency of who and where your test is being carried out, so that you can make fully informed decisions with your patients.


RN Labs seeks out the most advanced clinical testing services from around the world, and delivers them to Australian practitioners with complete transparency and support, in order to demonstrate their validity and utility by maintaining the ability to trace the laboratory conducting an analysis, and review the scientific premise and processes that underlie their testing.

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