As a dietary staple, omega-3 is generally recommended as a basic addition to most treatment plans. Here are just a few reasons why Nordic Naturals is globally the chosen brand for healthcare…

 Patient Compliance

Taste and smell are good indicators of freshness. Nordic Naturals don’t need to hide poor quality oil with potent flavourings or enteric coating, they simply use fresh oil! Bite into a Nordic Naturals soft gel and check the freshness levels for yourself. Oxidised (rancid) oil—especially fermented fish oil—is not healthy for the body, and is the cause of the fishy smell, taste, and burps that many people have experienced with poor-quality fish oil.

Targeted Nutritional Support

Are you recommending fish oil for healthy skin, immune support, pregnancy…? Practitioners love the variety of options when it comes to Nordic Naturals products, for optimised support for each individual.

With Nordic Naturals, you can customise the EPA and DHA levels to suit the individual.

For example, most omega-3 products are higher in EPA than DHA but Cod Liver Oil has these two active components in reverse so that DHA is higher than EPA. This is useful if you are wanting a product focusing more on supporting mood, memory and vision while still having a good level of EPA for cardiovascular and inflammation support.


Many clinicians understand the importance of purity, and Nordic are able to achieve the highest standard of purity due to a number of factors.

The first is that Nordic’s fish oil comes from sustainable species that live in clean, healthy waters.

Secondly, their molecular distillation is effective for ensuring necessary purity levels, while maintaining the nutritional integrity of the oil. This effectively eliminates environmental contaminants such as mercury and lead, as well as dioxins and PCBs.

Lastly, since you want to be assured that what you are recommending really is as pure as they say it is, Nordic provide a Certificate of Analysis that shows their products surpasses international fish oil quality standards.

Cod Liver Oil that’s made from Cod!

Some “Cod Liver Oil” products are made from fish bodies (not the liver) such as pollock and haddock, as a less expensive source. The oil is then supplemented with synthetic or natural vitamin A, which is why some cod liver oil products have high levels of vitamin A (which may be toxic at moderate doses). The oil can then be legally sold as “Arctic cod liver oil”.

Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil is derived entirely from 100% sustainably caught Wild Arctic Cod Livers.

Natural, fat-soluble vitamin A, found in foods like cod liver oil, is safe at much higher amounts. Furthermore, it is recommended to take omega-3, vitamin A, and vitamin D together and in the correct ratios – and Cod Liver Oil naturally provides the ideal composition for this.

“What I like about Nordic Naturals is that they are NSF certified, which is one of the certifications for quality I mentioned when responding to an earlier question. In addition to that, my understanding from having inquired is that they also isolate their fish oil under nitrogen conditions (meaning no oxygen present) so as to minimise any oxidation during the isolation process. They are by no means the only option out there, but I’ve felt pretty good about using their products and have used them for many years.”

— Dr. Rhona Patrick on The Tim Ferris Show, May 2017