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Folate Metabolism Profile

Key Advantages

Assessment of plasma folate species provides clinical insight into aberrant folate metabolism that can significantly affect crucial methylation processes, DNA/RNA metabolism, and neurotransmitter metabolism.

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The Importance of Folate

Folate is a generic term that includes the various derivatives of naturally occurring physiologically important forms of folate (Vitamin B9), and synthetic folic acid supplements. Naturally occurring folates are derived mostly from dark green leafy vegetables, while synthetic folic acid is used under mandate in fortified cereals and other processed foods. Adequate folate levels and healthy metabolism of folate is essential for numerous cellular functions throughout the body including appropriate division and replication of DNA and is the most common form prescribed prenatally for the prevention of defective foetal spinal cord and brain development

Why test for Folate Metabolism?

The level of total folates in red blood cells (RBC) has traditionally been used to assess long-term folate status, but the test does not provide clinically important information regarding specific forms of folate. Folate levels in RBC and plasma reflect hepatic folate stores.  

Although plasma folates are cleared rapidly, the analysis of plasma folates allows for the distinction between the different forms to help identify an aberrant folate metabolism. The Plasma Folate test reports the levels of THF, UMFA, Folinic Acid and 5-MTHF and can be used to monitor clinical intervention, or as a “folate challenge test” in assessing folate levels before and one-hour post-folate supplementation. It can also be a useful add on to the functional Plasma Methylation Profile.  

See our resources below for information on the differences between folate supplements. 

IMPORTANT – Please Read Before Prescribing:

The collection for this test is very time sensitive and we request that practitioners reiterate to their patient the importance of following the instructions carefully. All instructions are inside the test, however due to the short time frame and freezing of the sample, lab rejections are common for this test. Before prescribing this test to patients, please make sure they are able to comply with the following:

  1. Place the ice block in freezer as soon as kit is received
  2. Ensure test is performed on a Monday
  3. On Monday, patients should pre-book their courier to pick up kit on the Tuesday
  4. Take kit and all instructions to a Collection Centre for the blood draw
  5. fter blood is drawn, patient will need to wait for it to be spun (approx. 20 min)
  6. As soon as they receive their sample, put it straight on the ice in the esky and get it home and into the freezer within 45 mins to be frozen overnight
  7. Courier will pick up the frozen sample on Tuesday

If the patient is unable to comply with this time-frame, this test is not suitable for them.


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