Case Study: Immunity, Skin and Gut

A 76-year-old female had long term, ongoing issues with her immunity, gastrointestinal tract and integumentary system and was specifically seeking support for these systems. She had a long medical history with multiple conditions and medications; the main ones included: • 25 years of ongoing IBS and chronic food intolerances. • Severe constipation which required the […]

Case Study: Hives and Allergies

A 35-year-old female was dealing with an ongoing case of hives that had been occurring for the past 4 years. The hives would flare up depending on her stress levels, the foods she was consuming and her environment. The patient also had previous mould exposure, which was further compounding her symptoms. She had also completed […]

Case Study: Skin Rashes, Anaphylaxis and Enterosgel

A patient presented with random anaphylactic reactions alongside skin rashes. The patient had not tried any other products and was very hesitant to take anything in case she had an anaphylactic reaction. Treatment The patient was prescribed a small amount of Enterosgel over a few days. The initial dose consisted of 1 teaspoon of Enterosgel […]