Case Study: Immunity, Skin and Gut

A 76-year-old female had long term, ongoing issues with her immunity, gastrointestinal tract and integumentary system and was specifically seeking support for these systems.

She had a long medical history with multiple conditions and medications; the main ones included:

• 25 years of ongoing IBS and chronic food intolerances.
• Severe constipation which required the use of a daily laxative.
• Numerous past antibiotic courses as the original catalyst for her GIT issues.
• Current health concerns included bloating, GIT pain, frequent skin rashes and dermatitis, allergy to pollens and dust, general fatigue, frequent UTI infections, and difficulty gaining weight and muscle.
• Her current weight was 47kg and her BMI was 17.6kg/m2.

Pathology and Testing Results

• High cholesterol.
• High reactivity to multiple whole foods and food additives – the patient’s high reactivity was supported by her food intolerance test results.


• The patient currently had a highly restrictive diet consisting of low gluten, low dairy, low histamines, low salicylates and predominantly organic sourced.
• She was currently consuming 3 small meals per day and a few snacks. She could only consume up to one third to one-half of standard protein portion sizes and her skin and GIT issues often flared after eating.

Medication / Supplements

• Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil
• Liposomal C
• Vitamin D spray
• No medications

She had also tried many supplements in the past and had experienced reactions to them, including reactivity to collagen, probiotics, pea protein, bone broth, and various gut formulations.


The treatment plan consisted of multiple supplements and dietary modifications over an 8 week period and included the following:Weeks 1 – 3 

GI Defence (GID) powder

• 1/4 teaspoon initially, to be increased every 4 days as tolerated up to 2 scoops with food

Arctic Cod Liver Oil

• Increase 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon daily


• Continue current diet

Weeks 4 – 8

GI Defence powder

• Continue at a higher dose of one and a half to two scoops daily
• Increase more whole foods one at a time, including tahini, soaked nuts and seeds, fish, bone broth and root vegetables.


• Discontinued Liposomal C


• Meditation, walking and physiotherapy exercises
The patient was consulted every 2 weeks during the 8-week treatment regimen and no reaction to GID was observed.


After 8 weeks of supplementation with GID, the patient experienced multiple improvements and reductions in her symptoms, including:Gastrointestinal Health

Regular bowel motions for the first time in over 20 years and continuous reduction in the laxatives as well.

The patient contacted the practitioner crying with happiness and explaining that she didn’t have pain upon bowel motions and passed with ease every day as she used to when she was younger. The patient mentioned that the GID had helped significantly and she also felt calmer, less irritated and more energetic.

Food Intolerances

The patient noticed an increased ability to tolerate foods that previously triggered pain, bloating and skin flare-ups in the past. (e.g. now able to eat tahini, brazil nuts, quinoa, spelt and legumes regularly)

Skin Health

She also had significant improvements in skin health with minimal rashes. The patient’s Dermatologist had also commented that her skin conditions were significantly improved.


Her weight had stabilised at 49 kgs.

Urinary Tract

Nil UTI’s past 8 weeks (in the past UTIs had occurred every 2-3 weeks)

S QLD / N NSW Area Manager

Jessica Morland

Jess is a qualified Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine. She believes that there is no one size fits all approach and is passionate about educating, inspiring and supporting clients and practitioners with a customised approach to healthcare. Specialties include preconception, pregnancy, post-natal and infant care. 

Jess is excited to build relationships, educate and share her knowledge with both retail and practitioners in South Queensland and Northern NSW.

Lauren Matich, BHSc (Nat.)

Lauren Matich

BHSc (Nat.)

Lauren is an NHAA accredited Clinical Naturopath with a Bachelor of Health Science. She is incredibly passionate about natural health and educating clients on the foundational importance of nutrition, lifestyle and stress management and believes complimenting these building blocks with nutraceutical support and functional testing often holds the key to optimal health and vitality. Lauren looks forward to supporting practitioners and clients in these key areas.

Specialties include supporting thyroid health, digestive disorders and mental health.