Powerful Phytosomes – Support for Viral Immunity and Inflammation

Rarely has it been more important to ensure our patients’ immune systems are functioning at their best. The nutrients Curcumin and Quercetin are potent immunomodulators, however, the bioavailability of these botanical extracts is erratic and poor. Find out how to take these powerful nutrients to get the most benefits from them.

Introducing Phytosomal Technology


Using Indena’s Phytosome® technology, we can optimise the bioavailability of selected phytochemicals. Phytosome® technology is a relatively recent lipid-based vesicular delivery system that can be used to decrease problems associated with solubility and bioavailability. It is different to Liposomes where their active ingredient is inside the hydrophilic cavity or within the layers of membranes while in phytosomes, those components are a part of the membrane itself.

RN Labs Quercesorb

Highly absorbable & bioavailable form of Quercetin using patented phytosome technology

Quercesorb provides Mast cell stabilisation and histamine management, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & analgesic support, and also supports natural anti-viral defences.

Quercesorb offers greater clinically effective delivery of active ingredients. Scientific studies demonstrate that Phytosome formulations show better solubility, pharmacokinetic and efficacy characteristics than non-phytosome formulations.

RN Labs Quercesorb (Indena Phytosome® Quercetin) has been shown in clinical trials to have up to 20x greater Quercetin absorption than standard Quercetin, meaning your patients can get even better results at a lower dose.

Quercetin has been shown to significantly reduce oxidation, inflammation, pain, moderate histamine and support the immune system. It therefore has the potential to support a broad range of health conditions related to areas such as allergy, skin inflammation, anti-viral defense, cardiovascular health, weight management & metabolic function, as well as novel uses for exercise recovery in athletes.

Quercesorb for Immune Support

Recent studies show that Quercetin Phytosome helps maintain immune system health and modulates cytokines cascade, thanks to its senolytic function. Supplementation helps the health condition of people in the initial phases of viral disease, without substituting the standard treatments envisaged by the medical protocols.

RN Labs Curcutex

Highly absorbable form of Curcumin, using soy-free proprietary Meriva® phytosome complex technology
Meriva® is the most clinically researched of all proprietary supplemental forms of Curcumin (clinical trials showing clinical benefits) and has been shown to be 18x more bioavailable than standard Curcumin.

Curcutex for Immune Support

The abrupt elevation in inflammatory mediators during viral infection may reach excessive levels in certain individuals and situations (e.g. Cytokine storm), making the initially protective immune response particularly damaging to the body if it progresses beyond a manageable level.

Having safe mechanisms for downregulating an overactive immune response may therefore be beneficial to have in such instances.

Curcumin has been shown to have potent anti-inflammatory capabilities (without the same degree of immunosuppression seen with NSAIDs and Corticosteroids), when taken at typical therapeutic doses, and may therefore provide a helpful complementary support during severe infection stages.

Curcumin has also demonstrated direct inhibitory effects on various bacteria, fungi and viruses, namely HBV, HCV and HIV – with differing mechanisms of action proposed for each, however, a ‘degradation by default’ pathway is thought to be a commonality contributing to this effect.


Quercetin – 85 mg / capsule



Curcumin – 90 mg / capsule
Equivalent to fresh Curcuma longa rhizome
– 16 500 mg / capsule

S QLD / N NSW Area Manager

Jessica Morland

Jess is a qualified Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine. She believes that there is no one size fits all approach and is passionate about educating, inspiring and supporting clients and practitioners with a customised approach to healthcare. Specialties include preconception, pregnancy, post-natal and infant care. 

Jess is excited to build relationships, educate and share her knowledge with both retail and practitioners in South Queensland and Northern NSW.

Lauren Matich, BHSc (Nat.)

Lauren Matich

BHSc (Nat.)

Lauren is an NHAA accredited Clinical Naturopath with a Bachelor of Health Science. She is incredibly passionate about natural health and educating clients on the foundational importance of nutrition, lifestyle and stress management and believes complimenting these building blocks with nutraceutical support and functional testing often holds the key to optimal health and vitality. Lauren looks forward to supporting practitioners and clients in these key areas.

Specialties include supporting thyroid health, digestive disorders and mental health.