Enterosgel Proven for IBS

Digestive issues often tend to be the most bought up health issues encountered by integrative and holistic health practitioners. Of those Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) remains one of the most common digestive conditions encountered today, with approximately one in five Australians experiencing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) at some time in their life.

Symptoms (including abdominal pain, diarrhoea and constipation) usually occur in early adulthood, and more women than men are affected. The cause is unknown, but environmental factors such as changes of routine, emotional stress, infection, diet and sensitivities can all trigger an attack.

A range of supplements can be offered for IBS including carminative/antispasmolytic herbs to gut-healing nutrients such as glutamine and zinc. So among all the choices available how do binders such as the silica-based Enterosgel differ?


Clinical studies have shown that Enterosgel, a silica-based detoxifier gel, can help alleviate some of the most unpleasant and distressing symptoms of IBS, by adsorbing undesirable compounds and removing them from the intestinal tract. The inert nature of Enterosgel can make it extremely valuable for patients with food intolerances and sensitivities as Enterosgel is only made of only two ingredients: silica and water.

In fact, the British Society of Gastroenterology recently updated their guidelines on the management of IBS to include Enterosgel as approved for use.

Beyond the above-mentioned symptoms, Enterosgel can also give relief for a number of intestinal symptoms such as diarrhoea, gas, stomach cramps, mild abdominal pain, heartburn and nausea and has been approved for use in IBS.

Clinically trialled for short and long term use, it contains no gluten, dairy, fat, sweeteners, sugar, flavours, colours or preservatives. Plus, is virtually tasteless and easy to take.

Enterosgel is an invaluable addition to your gut healthcare plan – make it a part of your GI Tool Kit today.

S QLD / N NSW Area Manager

Jessica Morland

Jess is a qualified Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine. She believes that there is no one size fits all approach and is passionate about educating, inspiring and supporting clients and practitioners with a customised approach to healthcare. Specialties include preconception, pregnancy, post-natal and infant care. 

Jess is excited to build relationships, educate and share her knowledge with both retail and practitioners in South Queensland and Northern NSW.

Lauren Matich, BHSc (Nat.)

Lauren Matich

BHSc (Nat.)

Lauren is an NHAA accredited Clinical Naturopath with a Bachelor of Health Science. She is incredibly passionate about natural health and educating clients on the foundational importance of nutrition, lifestyle and stress management and believes complimenting these building blocks with nutraceutical support and functional testing often holds the key to optimal health and vitality. Lauren looks forward to supporting practitioners and clients in these key areas.

Specialties include supporting thyroid health, digestive disorders and mental health.