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The DUTCH Complete Now Includes an Oxidative Stress Marker

The New 80HdG Marker Precision Analytical Inc., is excited…

The Power of Choline for Methylation

Many practitioners are aware that Betaine (aka Trimethylglycine,…

Australian and New Zealand Fish Oil Products in 2016 Meet Label Omega-3 Claims and Are Not Oxidised

A new paper confirming that omega-3 supplements in the Australian…

RN Labs Test Result Portal Now Available

Practitioners can now access their patients test results by simply…

Clostridia Difficile - The Role of Toxin A and B in its Pathogenicity

There are approximately 100 species of clostridia bacteria that…

Estriol Supplementation and Metabolites - A Caveat

I want to discuss a complicated scenario with you. If you give…

3 Ways to use Niacinamide

Reflecting on these notable clinical considerations, we begin…

Should you test a Woman on the Birth Control Pill?

To the point: Women on birth control pills have suppressed estrogen…

Nordic Naturals Receives Friend of the Sea Certification

JULY 2015: Nordic Naturals is pleased to be recognised with…

Omega-3 Supplements Questioned in Australian Study

APRIL 2015: Excerpt from GOED Statement Prepared 15 April…

Meditation Movement Spreads to Workplace

APRIL 2015: Meditation is no longer reserved for yoga lovers.…

Response to NZ Fish Oil Study

JANUARY 2015: RN Labs are aware of the results…
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